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Parent Meetings and Pictures


Parent Meeting MUST be attended.

10/20/18      ALL Mites            10:30am

West End of the bleachers in the rink area.


10/22/18      Squirts                  6:15pm

10/22/18      12U/Peewee     7:15pm

10/22/18      Bantams              8:15pm


ALL Boys/Girls Varsity must attend one of the meetings to turn in Ham Sales, pick up Calendar Packets and turn checks for concessions.



10/29/18      Squirts                  5:20pm

10/29/18      Mites                    6:00pm

10/29/18      Peewees              7:00pm

10/29/18      Bantams              8:00pm

***Picture packets will be handed out at Parent Meetings.


As many of you know, fundraising is vital to the Windom Hockey Association and the funds generated from the fundraisers are some of the main sources of income for our association.  Below are the fundraisers for Windom Hockey and what will be discussed at the upcoming Parent Meetings.



Each family is required to work 5 shifts throughout the season in the concession stand, during home games.  At the Parent Meeting, each family will be required to submit 5 SEPARATE checks in the amount of $50/each, totaling $250.00.  These checks are held in the event of a “no show” for time committed or time not fulfilled for concessions.


Ham Sales

The annual ham sales are going on now thru 10/28/18.  If you have completed your sales, order forms can be turned at Parent Meetings but NO later than 10/28/18 to Angela Hamlett.  Order form with ham sales details and contact information are posted on the Windom Hockey Website.



Each family is required to sell 13 calendars, $25/each - $325.  Calendar packets will be handed out at and 1 check will be collected per family at Parent Meetings.   Families have through the beginning of December to get calendars sold. 


Make all checks payables to:              WYHA or Windom Hockey


Practice Schedule

Hockey Practice Schedule 10/15-10/21



Monday, October 15th:

Time:              Team: 

4:00-5:00        Boys Open Hockey (Fee Required) See WYHA website

5:00-6:00        Girls Open Hockey (Fee Required) See WYHA website                                                

6:15-7:15        Squirts - Station Based Hockey Drills

7:30-8:30        12U/Peewee – Station Based Hockey Drills

8:45-10:00      Bantams

Tuesday, October 16th:

****NO PRACTICE****  


Wednesday, October 17th:

Time:              Team:                                                            

6:15-7:15        12U (Optional) Church Night


Thursday, October 18th:

Time:              Team:                                                                        

2:30-3:30        Boys Open Hockey (Fee Required) See WYHA website

3:45-4:45        Girls Open Hockey (Fee Required) See WYHA website

5:00-6:00        Squirts (Optional)                                                        

6:15-7:15        12U (Optional)

7:30-8:30        Peewees (Optional)

8:45-10:00      Bantams (Optional)


Friday, October 19th:

Time:              Main Ice:                                                       

2:30-3:30        Boys Open Hockey (Fee Required) See WYHA website

3:45-4:45        Girls Open Hockey (Fee Required) See WYHA website

6:15-7:15        12U (Optional)

7:30-8:30        Peewees (Optional)

8:45-10:00      Bantams (Optional)


Saturday, October 20th:

Time:              Team: 

9:00-10:15      White, Blue & Gold Mites (Returning Mites)     

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