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    Spectator Policy-Youth Levels ONLY

    4 Spectators per player allowed

    All Spectators must be masked at all times while in Arena

    Mandatory QR sign-in required for players and spectators. 

    11/12/2020 Email - Covid-19 updates and Protocol


    Unfortunately our local and state wide COVID-19 cases continue to rise and so do the restrictions, it is for those reasons that as a group we must follow all of the MN hockey requirements (WYHA COVI-19 protocol).  Here are some reminders:

    ·         If your kid(s) have been put on quarantine through their school, they will not be allowed at the rink until they are going back to school.

    ·         If someone in your family is COVID-19 positive, they must quarantine for 14 days with a start date based on the  COVID-19 Decision Tree for People in Schools, Youth, and Child Care Programs Return.

    ·         If your kid doesn’t feel good (sick) or immediately family, all family members need to stay home.

    ** In any of those cases above, inform your coach right away. We understand that hockey is important for our kids and sometimes they are not the best at letting their parents know that they are sick which is why you must be diligent. Our goal is to limit the potential risk of further spreading the COVID-19.

    ·         Make sure to complete the QR code, this will help us with contact tracing, which will help keep hockey going, this will help prevent quarantining an entire team if proper tracing can be provided.

    ·         The total amount of time allowed in the locker room (in and out) will be reduced to be below 15mins. Make sure to dress your players at home.

    ·         We will allow only “2” fans per player to attend any games including parents that will be volunteering at games.  


    WYHA Weather Pollicy


    WYHA’s stance on bad weather accounts for parents to make an ultimate decision on behalf of the child. Windom Arena typically does not close due to poor weather, therefore WYHA does not cancel practice on poor weather days, even if school is called. However, any practices being held on days school is let out due to weather are considered “optional”, yet coaches will attend the practice time for anyone wishing to attend. Players​ ​missing​ ​such​ ​practices​ ​will​ ​NOT​ ​be​ ​subject​ ​to​ ​any​ ​team​ ​rule​ ​sanctions.

    In the case of school cancellations, all non-district games will automatically be cancelled. In the case of district games, teams must follow the District 4 policy, which calls for both teams agreeing to cancel a game​ ​before​ ​it​ ​can​ ​be​ ​cancelled.

    Safe Sport -Volunteers

    Below is the link for registering for safe sport. Safe sport training must be completed by all volunteers that have direct contact with players. Those volunteers requiring screening include; coaches, all parent reps, any locker room attendants, team managers and board members.

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    Windom Youth Hockey Association QR Code COVID 19 Tracing

    1. Scan code prior to every Windom Youth Hockey Association practice, meeting or game taking place at the Windom City Arena. 
    2. Complete form for each person who will be in the Arena that day.


    Ongoing Fundraiser

    Order directly from Fisk Creations for shirts, cups, gifts and other items. Thank you!

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    Sports Engine Instructions

    Follow this link for the Sports Engine Application instructions.

    Attention Parent Reps.

    click here for instructions on how to get started using the website for editing your team pages (schedule, contact info, rosters, game stats, photos, videos, etc.)